1. Barshorts - Video 3

    final video for my barshorts

  2. Barshorts - Video 2

    The second part to my barshorts videos. 

  3. Barshorts - Video 1 

    I found barshorts the hardest part of procon 3. My idea was to create 3 videos that had a running theme of a lonely character that wished her was else where. I feel like I could have pushed these videos further 


  4. Evaluation

    I found procon 3 quite challenging this year as I felt my motion skills weren’t very strong. However after experimenting with after effects and getting some ideas down I feel like my motion skills have improved. For my procon 3 brief I had to create three 1 second videos that included start and end credits for “Full Secs”. For this project I decided to base my videos around films. 2 of the 3 were comedy based and the other was more straight forward. As well as full secs I also had to create 3 videos that had a running theme and narrative for the project “Barshorts”. I found barshorts the most difficlut brief out of the two as I struggled to come up with an interesting theme and narrative. I felt like if i had more time and better motion skills I could have pushed my barshorts video further.

    Apart of pro con 3 was also to go out into the professional world and try and find placements/freelance work. I think overall I did quite well at this as I already had a few freelance clients that a regularly worked for. I also managed to find 2 placements through out the time of pro con 3. I think that both placements went well and the companies I worked for were pleased with my work and dedication to the placement. Both placement where in areas I haven’t work in before and it made me realise that I wouldn’t want to work in those areas when finishing uni.

    Overall I have enjoyed the challenge of procon 3 and I feel like it has pushed me in new areas and discovering skills and building my confidence when approaching industry. I definitely feel more confident about the idea of finishing university and going out and looking for work.


  5. Professional Context 3: Bullet Points

    - Pro Con 3 briefs -

    Full Secs

    - Work Placements -

    Brands Apart / Dead Lovers / Dirty Roller
    Visual Architects

    - Freelance -

    Crisis Entertainment
    Crisis Management
    Katana Logo
    RMS Societe Logo
    Centre Space logo
    High Seas logo & letter header
    Close Oceans logo & letter header
    JP Cooper live photos Liverpool/Manchester
    The Katana’s live photos Liverpool
    The Katanas Glastonbury Promotion week Radio 1xtra London
    Parker Ighile Logo
    Coldside live photos London/Manchester
    Music Videos for CROWN, Kapital KO with Stephan Smalls
    Wedding Video Thailand
    New Day Logo and Photoshoot
    Photos for Vogue Fashion Week
    Photos for Roses awards
    Commission artwork A3 in pastels

    - Lectures & Events -

    Berlin trip
    Media Festival at Media City
    Costa Del Salford meetings
    Costa Del Salford Beach Day
    Ipad Training with Hannah
    Ipad Training with Jules
    Design by Dave lecture
    Ping Pong at TTT
    Creative Spark lecture
    Motion North
    Draw Crawl
    Legend George Dunkley
    LIAM from CondeNaste
    Simon Austberry RetroFuzz

    - Created -

    Behance and updated
    professional twitter account

  6. Full Secs - Shaun Of The Dead

    Here is my 3/3 final full secs videos. This one was more serious than the others and wasn’t supposed to have any comedy value. I also was unsure on wether the video needed sound or not. eventually I decided to add in some simple audio that didn’t over complicate the video. 

  7. Full Secs - White chicks

    Here is my 2/3 final full secs video. This video is based around the film White Chicks. I have added sound and a title to the video now. I think this video has also improved since my first mock up GIF.

  8. Full Secs - The Dark Knight Rises

    Here is 1/3 final videos for full secs. This video is based on the film The Dark Knight Rises. My final video has come along way from the first mock up GIF I created before christmas. I have made the character cleaner looking and also used the real batman font. I have also now added sound to my motion piece. 

  9. (Source: katie-scott)

  10. The Lurker Zine - Berlin

    Here is a mock up of how we would want our zine to be displayed when printed. We want to use white spacing with little text (text will be added).