1. Cheshire Bike Ride 

  2. Business Cards for end of year show 

  3. benminardgifs:


    Ben Minard


  5. Tom Shearwood - Album Art

    This is finished album art to go along with the music video with did for Tom. We wanted the album art to have the same consistant flow to it. The album art links well with the imagery in the video, as well as nicely adapting to typography. We wanted to use a different image for the CD itself. 

  6. Tom Shearwood - Architect 

    Final video for Toms single, Architect. We think that the mirrored and kaleidoscope effect works really well with the song. The effects start off quite slow, but gradually pick up as the song steps up the tempo.

    Further development could have be involving Tom in the video and capturing some imagery of him. This would give the video more character. 

    We think the final video fits in with what Tom wanted as a running theme. Tom was really happy with the final outcome when showing him the final video and he wishes to work with us with future projects. 

  7. Tom Shearwood - Music branding 

    For this brief we have wanted to give our selves a harsh deadline of just two weeks to create a music video and album art for Manchester based artist Tom Shearwood. We interviewed tom and asked him what ideas he was thinking of and how he wanted us to portray his style of music within the branding. He came back to us with the idea of having his entire album in 1 running abstract theme. 

    We liked the idea of being quite arty and abstract with the video as it gave us some flexibility with ideas.

    Here are some visual images we have come up with that could be used as album art.

  8. Tom Shearwood - Music Branding 

    Here are some album art ideas we have come up with using the theme we have chosen for the video. Tom wanted his album art be simple, but quite abstract. We felt imagery like this would work really and would fit with the style of his music

  9. The Lurker Zine - Issue 1

    Here is the first printed issue of The Lurker Zine. We are really happy with the way the zine has printed. The paper we have chosen to print on has a grainy texture to it and its worked perfectly, leaving the photographs with a nice matte looking finish.  

  10. The Lurker - Digital App

    Here are finished photos of the Digital Publication. The app has taken quite a while to get to the way we wanted it, but we got there eventually. The full version of the app has also been recorded and will be submitted along side the rest of the work